What does MAK95 mean?

Initially, I was just going to call the program "ANZCA Primary" but soon decided that it sounded too boring and too official (this program is not officially endorsed or associated with the College, by the way). So I tried to come up with a name that encapsulated my goal for the program. Obviously it's a play on MAC95. I leave you to figure it out from there 😛


I would like to use MAK95 on both my desktop and my laptop computers

Your license key allows you to unlock the program on up to two computers. Just be aware that your data will not sync between the two computers, so it is best to mainly use your primary computer to track your progress and only use your secondary computer for ad hoc access to resources

I need to transfer the program to my new computer

The user license is locked to the first two computers that it was initially activated on. Please contact if you need to transfer your license to a new computer.


VCRuntime140.dll missing (Windows)

MAK95 requires components of Microsoft Visual C++ to run. If you receive an error that VCRuntime140.dll is missing, you can install it with the included installer, located in the folder "MS Visual C Redistributable x86 14.0.24212 Installer".

pdf files aren't displaying - AD, PD, US model answers (Windows)

MAK95 uses the default pdf viewer program on your computer to open pdf files. However, it does not work with all pdf programs, in particular apps downloaded from the Microsoft store, eg Adobe PDF Reader Touch. Please download and install the full desktop version (free) from the Adobe website and set it as your default pdf viewer.

pdf files aren't displaying - AD, PD, US model answers (MacOS High Sierra)

There is a known issue with MacOS High Sierra, if Adobe Reader is set as your default Safari pdf viewer. There are two possible solutions:

  • Uninstall the problematic Adobe plugins
    • Follow these instructions to delete AdobePDFViewer.plugin and AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin
    • This will mean that Adobe will no longer be the default pdf viewer in Safari, it will be Preview instead
  • A work around, if you prefer to keep Adobe as your default viewer
    • Go to Account Settings and download PD and AD model answers for offline use
    • Then the answers should display because it is no longer using the web viewer

Some images aren't displaying in the Study Notes or Learning Objectives sections

When MAK95 first opens, it exports all the images into a temporary folder, ready to be viewed. Occasionally this doesn't happen properly. To fix this, simply quit the program and reopen it.

Some pages have scroll bars on the right and others do not - it's distracting

MAK95 is optimised to be viewed without scroll bars. On Mac, go to System Preferences → General → Show scroll bars. Select ‘Automatically based on mouse or scroll pad’ or if issue persists, ‘When scrolling’. On Windows, sorry, that's just how it is!

Dashboard – the 12 month progress bar doesn’t work. Study Notes – the section links on the left hand side don’t work

MAK95 uses some web browser functionality and requires Javascript to be enabled. Please ensure that Javascript is enabled in Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac) on your computer.

Known Issues

My Resources (Windows) – the instructions on how to use the page are half hidden off screen

This appears to be a bug in the Filemaker program that occurs on Windows when a screen resolution scaling of anything other than 100% is used. Unfortunately I can't find a work around for it, but I'm sure you'll figure out how to use the page, it's pretty intuitive - I hope!

Trackpad scrolling not working on some layouts (Windows)

This appears to be a bug in the Filemaker program, where 2 finger trackpad scrolling doesn't work in list view layouts (SAQ, MCQ and Viva layouts). Scrolling using the scroll bars to the right works, as does touchscreen scrolling. As a work around, you can attach a wireless mouse and scroll with the scroll wheel.