What does MAK95 mean?

Initially, I was just going to call the program “ANZCA Primary” but soon decided that it sounded too boring and too official – this program is not officially endorsed or associated with the College, by the way. So I tried to come up with a name that encapsulated my goal for the program. Obviously it’s a play on MAC95. I leave you to figure it out from there :p

Is there a version for iPad or Android?

No, MAK95 is only available on Windows and Mac.

How do I get updates?

MAK95 receives updates automatically – new exam papers, as they are added, and any changes to the program itself.


What data is collected by MAK95?

When you activate your license key, the following data is collected:

  • Unique identifier for your computer – a 32 character alphanumeric code
  • Operating system details
    • Windows or Mac
    • 64-bit or 32-bit


I would like to use MAK95 on both my desktop and my laptop computers, is this possible?

Yes, your license key allows you to unlock the program on up to two computers.

How can I transfer my license to a new computer?

The user license is locked to the first two computers that it was initially activated on. If you have already activated MAK95 on 2 computers, please contact to arrange for your license to be transferred. Then follow the following steps:

  1. Install MAK95 on your new computer and enter your license key into the Account Settings page
  2. On your old computer, go to Account Settings to create a backup file and copy it to your new computer
  3. On your new computer, use the Admin → Restore from backup function to transfer your data
  4. Also copy the Documents/MAK95 Resources folder from your old computer to your new one
Does the license expire?

No, the license does not expire. Once you have passed the exam, please feel free to keep using it to tutor your junior colleagues :p


How do I get my data to sync between my two devices?

This feature was introduced in MAK95 version 2.10.0. The requirements for using this feature are:

  • Both computers must be running version 2.10.0 or later
  • You must have a cloud service, such as Dropbox or OneDrive, installed on both devices

There are instructions included in MAK95 in Account Settings → Synchronisation on how to set this feature up

My devices don’t seem to be in sync. How do I troubleshoot?

For a change to sync across from one device to the other, the following sequence of events must occur:

  • You make a change on one device, eg tick off a Learning Objective
  • This change is added to the changelog file located in the sync folder
  • Your cloud service syncs this change from your device to the cloud
  • Your cloud service syncs this change from the cloud to the corresponding changelog file on your other device
  • Whenever you navigate to a new section in MAK95, it checks for any new changes in the changelog file, and if any are found then it makes the same changes

Failure at any of these steps will lead to the devices falling out of sync. To avoid this, you should:

  • Allow time for the changelog file to be updated to the cloud after you have made any changes before turning off your computer
  • Maintain an internet connection whenever possible while using MAK95
  • Ensure that that the changelog files are kept on your device and not just downloaded from the cloud as needed
    • Dropbox – the files should be set to “make available offline”
    • OneDrive – the files should be set to “always keep on this device”

If you are trying to identify at which step the process is failing, try this check list:

  1. Check that synchronisation is set up correctly and activated on both devices (Account Settings → Synchronisation)
  2. Open the sync folder and ensure that both changelog files are present, eg MAK95_Changelog-MyLaptop.db and MAK95_Changelog-MyDesktop.db
  3. On one device, eg MyLaptop, in MAK95 go to Learning Objectives and tick off an objective
  4. Check that the timestamp of the Date Modified for the changelog file MAK95_Changelog-MyLaptop.db has updated to the current time, indicating that MAK95 has recorded the change to the changelog
  5. On your other device, eg MyDesktop, check that the timestamp for the corresponding changelog file, MAK95_Changelog-MyLaptop.db, has updated to the new time, indicating that your cloud service has synced the change across
  6. In MAK95, navigate to a new section, which triggers MAK95 to check for new changes in the changelog, then back to Learning Objectives and check that the corresponding objective is now ticked off
I have a new computer. How do I get my old computer to sync to the new one?
  1. On your old computer that you are still using, turn off synchronisation (Account Settings → Synchronisation)
  2. Set up a new sync relationship, choosing names for both devices and the sync folder
  3. The old computer should be set up as the primary device and the new computer should be set up as the secondary device
  4. Activate sync on the primary device, then the secondary device



General Troubleshooting Guide

When something is not behaving as expected, there are a few strategies to try:

  1. Restart computer
    • Choose the restart option, NOT shut down (they are not the same)
  2. Check that your operating system is compatible with MAK95
    • MAK95 may partially work on older operating systems, but not all functionality behaves as expected
  3. Re-install MAK95
    • Download and run the latest installer
    • This will not affect your progress data


Windows Universal Runtime Error

Universal Runtime is a necessary component for MAK95 to run and is included in Windows 10, but it may not be installed on your computer if you are using Windows 7 or 8. When you try to run MAK95, you may see the error message “VCRuntime140.dll is missing” or “The program can’t start because api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

To install Universal Runtime, download and install Visual C++ Redistributable from the Microsoft website:

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 Update 3

The model answer PDFs aren’t displaying properly

Due to differences in Operating System, settings and installed PDF viewers, PDFs may not open properly in MAK95 on all computers. To work around this, from the Settings menu, choose Open PDFs → Externally

“An error occurred. Error code: 5. GetLastError: 0. Error occurred while sending request (likely a bad url)”

This error can occur when trying to submit your license key, on Windows 7. MAK95 is built using Xojo, which theoretically should be compatible with Windows 7 SP1. However, there is obviously a bug, to do with internet communication. As Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, this bug is unlikely to ever be fixed, so the only solution is to upgrade to a new OS.


The model answer PDFs do not display or cause MAK95 to crash

MAK95 works best when Preview is your default PDF viewer. There is a known issue with Adobe Reader which uses deprecated technology and is no longer supported by Apple. If Adobe Reader plugins are installed, trying to open PDFs will cause MAK95 to crash. There are 2 solutions:

  • Uninstall the problematic Adobe plugins
    • Follow these instructions to delete AdobePDFViewer.plugin and AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin
    • You may also need to uninstall Adobe Reader
  • From the Settings menu, choose Open PDFs → Externally
The buttons don’t work (Examiners Reports, Model Answers, etc)

MacOS El Capitan is not compatible with MAK95 since version 2.7. The solution is to upgrade to a newer operating system.