My wife Jen – a Fellow of CICM – and I have developed an equivalent program for the CICM Primary exam. The website for that program is mick95.com. Unfortunately, as of March 2020, the project has stalled, as we have been unable to obtain permission from the CICM College to utilize their Examiner’s Reports. If you are a CICM trainee and you feel that MICK95 would benefit you in your study, you might consider contacting the College and petition that they reconsider their decision. We have appealed to the Chairs of Examination multiple times and unfortunately our request has been declined.


I have developed a program, MAK2, that is designed to help trainees prepare for the ANZCA Final exam. I intend this to be a free resource that is available to all trainees. Since mid 2020, I have been in contact with various members of ANZCA, including the Chair of Examinations, the Chair of the Final Exam, the Director of Education, the Chair of the Education Executive Management Committee, the Chair of the NSW Trainee Committee and the NSW Education Officer. I have not yet been able to obtain permission from the College to reproduce parts of the Curriculum and Examiners Reports which are protected by copyright, elements which are fundamental to MAK2.

If you think that MAK2 might be a resource that you would find useful and would like to access, you might consider contacting the College to petition that MAK2 be granted permission to reproduce the College’s Curriculum and Examiners Reports. One way that you might do this is via the College’s contact form https://www.anzca.edu.au/about-us/contact-us where you could leave a message directed to the Education department.

Thank you for your consideration.

Roster Maker

This is a little side project that I took on, to consolidate and build on the coding skills that I’ve learnt. In the past 5 weeks – during lockdown – I have hacked together a simple program to help roster Registrar overtime shifts. This is something you could simply do in Excel, of course, but I wanted to challenge myself to facilitate the rostering process by

  • Validating rules
    • only allowing registrars of a certain training year to be assigned to a shift
    • requiring a minimum seniority for pairs of registrars rostered on together
    • preventing shifts from being double allocated or missed
  • Provide a running total of shifts each registrar has been assigned, to make it easier to write a fair roster

If you are involved in doing the rostering at your hospital, you may find this program useful.