This page gives you a quick overview of your progress, at a glance. Make sure that you keep on track with your study timetable. It also give you access to all the other sections.

Learning Objectives

The ANZCA Learning Outcomes are listed, grouped by topic. Every MCQ and SAQ that is set by the College must be referenced to a Learning Outcome. Tick off your progress as you go and make sure that you have covered all the material.

Short Answer Questions

The past SAQs from 1999 onwards are listed, grouped by topic. Easily access the related Examiner’s Report and model answers from the Propofol Dreams, Amanda Diaz and Ketamine Nightmares websites, and also any user submitted model answers. Generate a random SAQ paper to test yourself.

Multiple Choice Questions

This section comprises of remembered MCQs, compiled from various sources including the Kerry Brandis website. Answers and reasons are crowd sourced. The point is not to rote learn answers, but to use them as a test of your general knowledge and a starting point to read around the topic.


This section compiles the opening questions/viva topics that are published in the Examiner’s Reports. Anything that can be an SAQ can also be asked in the vivas, though the peripheral topics seem to be examined more often in the vivas, probably because more core topics come out in the SAQs. This will give you an idea of common questions, though to prepare for the vivas, you really need to just do lots of practice vivas after the written.

My Resources

Gather together and store any useful documents, articles, notes, pictures, etc, that you come across. Kind of like a study related dropbox.

Study Notes

This section contains some of my own notes and can be used to quickly revise a topic or test yourself. Do not rely solely on one source of information. There is no substitute to reading around a topic, using multiple resources, and writing your own notes.

Study Plan

My objective with this section is to encourage you to properly consider how much of a time commitment you need to make to prepare for this exam. Plan out your study timetable. Stick to it!

Tutors Corner

This section allows tutors to organize their practice vivas, lesson plans, mock papers, etc.

Paper Analysis

A look at how frequently topics comes up as an SAQ in each paper. No surprises, the core topics are tested most consistently. 

Global Search

Find related Learning Objectives, SAQs, MCQs, vivas and concepts that contain the search term.

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