Version 2.14.0

  • Built with Xojo 2023 Release 4
  • Released 13 Jan 2024

Who should update?

  • Everyone
  • The subtopic structure has been changed in this update and if you do not update, future updates may cause unexpected results

Content Changes

  • ANZCA released Curriculum v1.12 in Dec 2023
    • 12 new learning outcomes
    • 31 learning outcomes removed
    • 159 learning objectives amended
  • Topics added
    • Iron replacement (examinable from 2024.2)
  • Topics removed
    • Statistics
    • Nerve stimulators (for nerve blockade)
    • Fire
    • Laser
    • Pericardial anatomy
    • Transplant immunology
    • Gas laws and colligative properties (except for osmolality)
  • The new Curriculum is a bit more streamlined and I have taken the opportunity to declutter and re-organise
  • Duplicate LOs have been removed
  • I have elected to retain 14 of the deleted LOs (marked as obsolete)
    • They are no longer examinable, generally being too clinically oriented
    • However, they are important for clinical practice, so it is natural to consider them as you learn the basic sciences
  • I have split some of the subtopics into more specific subtopics, particularly in the cell/met/endo section, which makes it more readable

New Functionality

  • As the curriculum was amended to be more precise with the wording of the Learning Outcomes, I have included a quick reference guide defining the key words in the Learning Objectives section