Version 1.65

Released 26/8/18

Major Changes:

  1. Linked Learning Objectives to the Primary Learning Objective of the Day website.
    • Easily search for posts on the PLOOTD website related to each Learning Objective.
    • Some people requested a section with answers to the T/F questions, but I decided against it.
    • I think the best way to utilise this excellent resource is to use it to gauge the  adequacy of the depth of your knowledge on a topic.
    • If, after you have studied a topic, you can’t answer the majority of the PLOOTD questions, then maybe you should revise the topic again, in greater depth.
    • If you just read the answers to the questions, you only know the answers to those specific questions, it doesn’t encourage you to read around more.
    • I think this is the reason why the tutors have chosen not to give answers on the site.
    • It’s like the give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish parable…
  2. Ability to export lists of LOs, SAQs, MCQs, Vivas to txt file.
    • Due to the way that MAK95 is set up, you can’t directly copy and paste the lists of records.
    • As a work around, I have added a function to export them to a text file, which you can then manipulate as you please.
    • This may be useful to share things amongst your study group, or for tutors to prepare material for a teaching session.
  3. Added SAQ and MCQ test histories.
    • Any SAQ and MCQ tests that you do will now be saved and accessible from the Test Stats page, so that if you want to do something else, then come back to look over the answers at a later time, you can now do so.

Minor Changes:

  1. Automatically check for updates daily.
    • Updates are checked for daily, the first time the program is opened for the day.
    • Any user submitted MCQ updates or SAQ model answers will be automatically updated.
    • Thanks to all of you who have been sending in MCQ corrections, in particular a shout out to the Doc is Out who has updated quite a number of MCQs!
  2. Automated backups.
    • A couple of people have had the program die for unknown reasons, had to reinstall the program and hence lost their data.
    • On the Account Settings page, you can set up automated backups to protect against this, if you don’t already have a backup strategy set up for your entire computer – like Time Machine – which you should have.
  3. Added zoom control.
    • If you are using a large monitor, you may prefer to use the zoom 150% feature to enlarge things a bit.
  4. Cosmetic changes and bug fixes.
    • I’ve tried to tidy up a couple of things and squash a few bugs.


  1. Added 95 more MCQs from 2018A
  2. Added sections to the Study Notes:
    • Obesity
    • EEG
    • Sleep
    • Depth of anaesthesia monitoring