Version 2.11.0

  • Released 11/1/23
  • Built with Xojo 2022 Release 4.1
  • Whilst this release looks very similar to previous versions, almost everything under the hood has been changed – hopefully making it ready for MacOS Ventura and Windows 12!
  • Updated Learning Outcomes to ANZCA Curriculum v1.11 Dec 2022
    • There were no significant changes made to the Primary syllabus
    • SS_OB 1.12 – A spelling mistake was corrected: labetol → labetalol
    • SS_PA 1.21 – The spelling of foetal was changed to fetal

New Functionality

  • Synchronise data between two computers
    • This feature is a hack that uses Dropbox or OneDrive
    • This had been requested by multiple users so I have tried to implement it
    • With normal workflow, it should work reliably, however I do not make any guarantees and I am not able to help troubleshoot if it doesn’t work for you

Cosmetic Changes

  • Introduced 3 more skins
  • Introduced 3 choices for the MCQ emoji – because why not 😙
  • Expanded Account Settings as everything no longer fits on one page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where update message would not displayed when new content had been found
  • Fixed a text formatting error that occurred when crediting a user’s MCQ edit
  • Fixed an OutOfBoundsException that occurred when using the attributions table scrollbar in About MAK95